IOS 13 and notifications

My garage door device was working great. Yesterday I upgraded to iOS 13 and now I do not seem to be receiving and notifications. I tried reseting both the notification within the app with no change. Any ideas?

I have the same issue

Please try logging out of the app and logging back in.

That worked thanks

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I have the same issue. I have tried logging out and back in but no change

You guys had me worried :anguished: I just upgraded to iOS 13 but mine works fine.

Please try logging out, uninstalling, rebooting the phone, reinstalling and then logging back in.

It’s back working just fine. I just left it and It seemed to rectify itself
Great piece of kit wouldn’t like to be without it

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I’m having the same issue - just changed out my android for Iphone two weeks ago. At first I would get occasional notifications, now nothing (I only want timeout notifications, it’s set for 10m). When logging into app it shows the door’s been open longer - just doesn’t notify.
I signed out, deleted app, rebooted phone, reloaded app - no change.

I opened this thread originally. I have iPhone 10 with iOS 13.1.1 on it. I was having all sorts of issues for like 2-3 days. Not really sure what resolved the issue. The APP just started working. Have you tired power cycling the Garadget device (just a thought). Likewise, maybe deleting the app at the same time resetting it back up?
Also make sure your iPhone has been updated to the latest iOS. Long story short, I bet it just starts working properly.

Hmm, I didn’t try power cycling the Garadget itself, I’ll give that a shot. The phone just updated a couple nights ago; I think that may have had something to do with the problem.