IOS 13 and notifications

My garage door device was working great. Yesterday I upgraded to iOS 13 and now I do not seem to be receiving and notifications. I tried reseting both the notification within the app with no change. Any ideas?

I have the same issue

Please try logging out of the app and logging back in.

That worked thanks

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I have the same issue. I have tried logging out and back in but no change

You guys had me worried :anguished: I just upgraded to iOS 13 but mine works fine.

Please try logging out, uninstalling, rebooting the phone, reinstalling and then logging back in.

It’s back working just fine. I just left it and It seemed to rectify itself
Great piece of kit wouldn’t like to be without it

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I’m having the same issue - just changed out my android for Iphone two weeks ago. At first I would get occasional notifications, now nothing (I only want timeout notifications, it’s set for 10m). When logging into app it shows the door’s been open longer - just doesn’t notify.
I signed out, deleted app, rebooted phone, reloaded app - no change.

I opened this thread originally. I have iPhone 10 with iOS 13.1.1 on it. I was having all sorts of issues for like 2-3 days. Not really sure what resolved the issue. The APP just started working. Have you tired power cycling the Garadget device (just a thought). Likewise, maybe deleting the app at the same time resetting it back up?
Also make sure your iPhone has been updated to the latest iOS. Long story short, I bet it just starts working properly.

Hmm, I didn’t try power cycling the Garadget itself, I’ll give that a shot. The phone just updated a couple nights ago; I think that may have had something to do with the problem.

Ok over the last few days I’ve tried rebooting, power cycling etc. and experimented with different alert settings. It turns out the timeout alert works flawlessly if, and only if, the open alert is enabled. If the open alert is not enabled the timeout alert never works.
I’m not interested in getting open alerts - just timeout alerts. Any thoughts?

Sorry what does time out alerts give you l?

It tells me if the door has been left open longer than a set amount of time. In case someone’s driven off and left it open (me for example, that’s why I bought it lol).

This must be coincidental effect.
Please PM me your device ID and I’ll check how alerts are generated/delivered.

Same experience here. Had to turn on the open door alert to get timeout alerts working.

Do the timeout alerts stop working after you turn off the open door alert?

I was able to turn the open door alert off and it still works. But I did leave the online and offline alerts enabled. I suspected that having any alert enabled in addition to the timeout made it work. But I never tested that theory, I found a working configuration and left it alone.

What happened is your phone’s subscription ID has changed because of the system upgrade so the old notification subscription stopped working. The app re-sends the subscription request every time you toggle on the alert or re-login. Toggling on some of the status notifications re-subscribed your app and now you should be able to turn them back off if not needed.

Excellent I’ll give it a shot.