iOS Notifications Not Working


Please PM me your device ID and I’ll check the settings on the server side.


I replied to your last message without a response back. I see that you suggested to Rich to PM you the ID. Should I do the same and, if so, how do I do that? Thanks.


Sorry, must have missed the notification.
The issue is not on your end. I’m looking into potential APN (apple push notification) certificate issue.
Please stay tuned for updates.


Any updates yet? Thanks for looking into it for me.


The issue got resolved. Please toggle one of the notification off and back on to re-subscribe.


this fix works for me, thanks :slight_smile:


Help! Some notifications never work.
My unit works fine, and I get IOS notifications for timeout and night alert. But I never get notifications for Stopped or Location. Any ideas to debug this?


Oh, I just noticed the app should be inactive. I switched to my home screen and got a Stopped notification OK. But I can’t trigger a Location notification. Any ideas?


Are you using the latest version of iOS app? We’ve recently updated it. Please check and let us know if the issue persists.


Yes I have Garadget 1.0.6 installed a month ago. Are there updates without incrementing this number? Please advise if I should uninstall.

Firmware version 1.20
My IOS is 12.0

Garadget settings in phone are:
Location = always
Notifications = allow, sounds & badges
Cellular Data = on


There was an update few days ago. Maybe your app has already updated.
It wouldn’t hurt to uninstall/reinstall just to be sure.


I have reinstalled, but still cannot get a Location notification. Can you list all the preconditions and actions needed to trigger a Location alert on iPhone? Thanks.


Location alert should be triggered when the feature is enabled and the phone leaves the geo-fenced area while the garage door remains open.


That’s what I bought the device for. Can you help me debug this?


Do you have location services enabled for Garadget app in OS settings?


Yes, repeating my previous post:

Firmware version 1.20
My IOS is 12.0

Garadget settings in phone are:
Location = always
Notifications = allow (lock screen, notification center, and banners); sounds on; badges on
Cellular Data = on


Do you not get location alerts only or any of the alerts?