iOS Notifications Not Working


Thanks Denis.

It’s all sorted. I tidied up the versions I was running and also toggled the notifications off/on within the app and normal service has been resumed.





I have not had notifications for quite some time and decided to try to de-bug this issue, but have not had any luck. I updated to the new Garadget 2 app (removed the original), toggled the notifications, and reset the unit. Additionally, I am running the latest version iOS and all notifications are enabled. Any suggestions to get the Garadget notification functional again?


Maybe the old subscriptions are still in place and cause the issue. Please PM me the device ID and I’ll check it out.


I tried to PM you with a screen shot - but think I accidentally posted publically, so I deleted it.


To PM, click over the profile icon and then on blue “Message” button.
The device ID in text is preferred over the screenshot.


Hi mine are not working either, can I PM you my information please.