Larger Laser Target Tape?[ help me]

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a larger laser target so I don’t have to keep constantly adjusting my Garadget (not Garadget’s faut). Something like 8"x8" would be perfect.


Please check out the relevant posts like this one:

I have 4 Garadget devices and I had the same problem until I bought a roll of 3-inch-wide reflective tape. It’s 15-foot long. It appears to be the same material as the little sticker, but it’s 3" wide and as long as I want it to be. If necessary, you can even cut two 6" long sections, and put them side-by-side, creating a 6" square “target”, now, instead of the little round sticker target. Problem solved! The 15-foot roll was $12.99 from Amazon:

I really only needed about one foot, for all 4 garage doors, but I can use the rest on my kids’ bikes, helmets, go karts, etc.