Marantec Synergy

I set up a new Garadget WIFI controller per the published instructions. The app and unit both sinked up to my wifi system, and the app see’s the garage door as open and closed properly, however when I try to open or close the door with the app there is no response.

I wired the controller to pins 1 and 2 on the connection block that has the opener wire from the wall switch. There is an additional wire pair in pins 3 and 4 for the led lights on the opener.

Any thoughts?

You can verify that the wiring is correct by momentarily shorting the two screws in Garadget’s blue terminal. The door should start moving as if you pressed the wall button. Please let me know how did it go.

I have the Synergy 260, and have it connected to pins #3 and #4, which are for the wall control. I think the Synergy 380 is the same setup.

For garage door openers models:

Marantec Synergy 260
Marantec Synergy 270
Marantec Synergy 280

The connection is to terminals #3 & #4.
More information on these models can be found in user manual.