Marantec wiring trouble

Installing on Marantec M4500e.
Everything seemed to work OK, but the door wouldn’t move. Went to the wall switch and that didn’t work anymore either.
Removed wire between opener and garadget and everything worked like it used to (but of course not through Garadget). Seems like the wiring of the Garadget breaks the regular switch connection. Yes, i used terminals 3 and 4.

Do you have any way to test the continuity?
There should be no permanent connection between the two lines in Garadget’s blue terminal. It may become shorted if it was incorrectly connected or if the opener sends too much current through the button and the resulting arc welds its contacts together.

Yes, I have an instrument to test that and will do that later today.
In the meantime though: when I make a short connection between 3 and 4 nothing happens either…

Do short terminals 3 & 4 while Garadget is connected or disconnected?

I left the connection wire in place, but disconnected from the Garadget to make the door work again.

When I short the leads shortly (or a bit longer) nothing happens.

If shorting the wires on the end where Garadget would be connected doesn’t activate the door then the wiring is incorrect or not robust. Can you send the pictures of your setup including a closeup of the opener’s terminals?

I have my garadget installed on 3 of those at my house. All working fine. 2 Years now. I do remember something with the pulse time. Because a “quick” push of the button on the marantec only turns on the light. You actually have to hold the button down for a second to get it to open.

My relay on time is: .3 seconds
Relay off time is: 1 seconds
Door Motion time is 20 seconds