I have been using garadget with MQTT and Home Assistant for a couple years with no issues

I recently upgraded Mosquitto MQTT broker to version 2.0.3 (from 1.??) and mosquitto 2+ disables permissive mode by default. I decided to configure my garadget units with security. I have so far been unsuccessful.

I assume that the issue is garadget (version 1.20) does not support TLS. Is this the case? If so, has TLS since been enabled? Will garadget work with username:password in plain text?

TLS is currently not supported in Garadget’s MQTT implementation.
There is likely TLS implementation in Particle’s underlying cloud protocol, but that will take some serious source code digging to tap into that plus this will require UI for certificates management.

This is on the will list but quite being a niche feature, I can’t promise any timeline.