My garadjet shows 8 days offline

My device is shown as offline. My home internet is and has been working fine. I have tried to reset the wifi settings but no change. Currently device shows offline with the led’s fast blinking cyan with occasional red blink between the cyan blinks. I reset device and went through the installation of the new door. Everything went well but it did not resolve my issue. Went on a Web to check the device status and it also shown offline.

The symptoms you described indicate that your unit might have suffered a power failure event that corrupted the encryption key for the secure server connection. This issue can be fixed at home, but the process is somewhat technical. I’ll be happy to assist with it. If it doesn’t work out, you can send your Garadget in and we’ll take care of it under warranty.

Thank you for quick response. Please provide the instructions. I will try to fix it at home, and if it will not work then I will ship it to you.
Thank you in advance for your help,

Please find the instructions in the post below:

Please post your questions if you get stuck at any step.

I had the same problem and worked on the problem with Denis at home. I think that it’s not an encryption problem but some kind of service provider upgrade. My device would connect to my Android hotspot but not to my WiFi.

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