No Doors Found while light is Cyan

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Sorry if this was answered in another topic. I am trying to setup the device for the first time and having issues on both the android app and using a web browser. Using the web browser I think i have gotten further along but still have not been able to setup any “doors”. I got through the add door part where it connected to PHOTON, i entered my router password and it connected back to the wifi when done. The device ends with a slowly blinking cyan light however the browser page still shows “no doors found”. I have repeated the process several times and even created a second account and have tried my mobile device as well as a PC and all attempts end at the same place. Not sure where to go from here…


Please try logging out and logging back in after device slowly blinks cyan. I can check if your Garadget is getting assigned to account if you PM me it’s ID.


Same problem here. Light is Cyan - No Doors found. Can you help me?


@jjbrown99, can you note the device ID while you setting your unit up.
I can check it on the server side to see if it’s connected.


Where do i find the device ID?


Photon-GUNQ is the wifi


If you use web interface for the setup, you’ll see 24 characters long ID.
Please PM me that string or I can lookup by the email on the account.


I have the same issue Solid Cyan and No doors found. How do I fix this?


Nevermind, I was able to re-add the door and its nice working fine