No Doors Found while light is Cyan

Sorry if this was answered in another topic. I am trying to setup the device for the first time and having issues on both the android app and using a web browser. Using the web browser I think i have gotten further along but still have not been able to setup any “doors”. I got through the add door part where it connected to PHOTON, i entered my router password and it connected back to the wifi when done. The device ends with a slowly blinking cyan light however the browser page still shows “no doors found”. I have repeated the process several times and even created a second account and have tried my mobile device as well as a PC and all attempts end at the same place. Not sure where to go from here…

Please try logging out and logging back in after device slowly blinks cyan. I can check if your Garadget is getting assigned to account if you PM me it’s ID.

Same problem here. Light is Cyan - No Doors found. Can you help me?

@jjbrown99, can you note the device ID while you setting your unit up.
I can check it on the server side to see if it’s connected.

Where do i find the device ID?

Photon-GUNQ is the wifi

If you use web interface for the setup, you’ll see 24 characters long ID.
Please PM me that string or I can lookup by the email on the account.

I have the same issue Solid Cyan and No doors found. How do I fix this?

Nevermind, I was able to re-add the door and its nice working fine

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I have a similar problem. I decided to build a clone, since the Entrematic Magic 600 motor I have installed in both garages has a socket header from which it is possible to extract door state (closed/open/closing/opening), which means I can get away without the laser sensor, and simply attach interrupts to state changes.

I’ve downloaded the firmware source commit 45f4b99 from and compiled+uploaded to my Photon using Particle Desktop IDE. It works fine and the device publises the setState and setConfig functions, as well as the doorConfig, doorStatus and netConfig variables. (This is with the vanilla firmware, no changes introduced yet).

Logging into the iPhone app, I het “add doors”, press the SETUP button on the Photon until LED blinks dark blue, then connect to PHOTON-XXXXX from the phone. I get prompted for ownership. Since I have played around with configuration previously, I get the message "This particle deice is has been setup before, do you want to override ownershop to [my account]? Regardless if I hit “Yes” or “NO”, setup proceeds automatically through all steps, but fails at the “Verify deviec ownership” stage.

Thankfull for any suggestions on how to proceed, to get the setup to work, as this would be the first step, before starting to customize the firmware for the Magic 600 motor.

You can try adding the door to your account using particle cli, command: particle device add [device id].

I am having the same problem but have never seen a device ID
I have tried seven times now.
I have tried all advice I could find,
I tried to contact support, but apparently you have a grammar Nazi algorithm that will not let you post in incorrect syntax.
I am close to returning this product, too bad, I was going to buy two more, but I have been at this for over three hours and have reached the point of absurdity

We’ll get this sorted out, no worries. I would also like to know more about the grammar situation. This is something that hasn’t been reported up to this point.

Please check out this post for the information on getting the device id:

After you have device ID recorded, click “R” to reset and let device reconnect (slow pulsing cyan). Please see this post on the ways to add the device to your account if for that didn’t happen during the normal setup process: