No longer communicating with Home Assistant

Abruptly, at some point this week, the Garadget integration with Home Assistant has stopped working. It seems to connect to HASS but only shows the state of the door as open. The controls do not work either.

I can’t pinpoint if it is on this end or HASS. Any ideas?

Do you use cloud integration or local (MQTT)?

Cloud with the device ID and user/pw

Same issue here, the cloud is working fine.

Home assistant log: Garadget device id seems to be offline.
Any suggestions?

Same problem here… went offline at 1235pm NZ time… possibly a problem with daylight savings time? We went off summer time at 0230.

I have messaged the integration author in HA’s community board. Hopefully, he can help with this issue. If he can not, then we’ll look at what else can be done. Please stay tuned.

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Thanks. Same problem here. No problems from the new app (the old one is not working for me anymore) but integrations fails two days ago. Looking forward for your feedback.

I had the same problem, I add the auth_token in the HA configuration and it started working again. Usename/password isn’t working for some reason.

Can you elaborate more on what you did?

Sorry, its called the access_token, not auth_token. That is one of the parameters for the garadget integration shown here:

I found the access token by going to the garadget web access page and logging in. Then right click on the page and select Inspect. Then select the Network tab. Look at the different HTTP messages being sent and you should find your access token in the url.

The method for getting access token from the web interface is also described in this post:

Thanks. Also working for me with access token method. Great!

I tried everything suggested…user/pass does not work… auth_token: and access_token: does not work…

All I see is Cover Entity not available I used the web interface and use the document inspector to get the device and token

Help please!! No erors in my config.yaml


  • platform: garadget
    Garage door:
    device: 4300############3932
    access_token: e8d10#########9d3eb
    name: Garage door

you should edit your post ASAP and remove the device and token,unless you want someone opening your garage for you lol.

I was able to get it back in action with the token, give this a shot;

  - platform: garadget
          access_token: !secret garage_access_token
          name: Garage Door

Mine is also working with the token option.

trying it now
Yours says: YOUR_DEVICE_ID: ???

No luck… still says COVER Device not available Cover.garadget Yaml check output does say good config.Yaml file


  • platform: garadget (it shows a dot here but in the yaml it is a dash)
    YOUR_DEVICE_ID: (device id is correct)
    access_token: (token is correct )
    name: Garage Door

[image containing device account credentials was removed by admin]

No way is this going to work… the moment I log out of Garadget and log back in the token immediately changes.

No, where I put YOUR_DEVICE_ID: put your device ID there, exactly like this;

  - platform: garadget
          access_token: 9876543210
          name: Garage Door

Put your device ID where 1234567890
Put your access token where 9876543210

Again, this is how mine is set-up and it works. I am also not affiliated in any way with Garadget or HASS, just a user like you. Best of luck

Your giving me hope… I thought at this point no one had theirs working in HomeAssistant so yes, I do appreciate your help…thanks

YES!! It is working… I even logged out and back in and Home Assistant still works… Oh man,… thank you!!