Pebble Watch app

@petersumm is making great progress on Pebble watch app for Garadget. What you think of this UI idea?

Not a Pebble owner? Get yours here or vote for your wearable to be the next on the todo list in wish list thread.

Want to bring your old garage door into the future? Pre-order your Garadget today!

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I’ve put a first beta version up for anyone who wants to try it, see Garadget Controller public beta

It’s not as beautiful as it might be, but I’m looking for feedback on the usability.


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Now up to version 0.6, I’ve ditched the selection menu and splash screen in favor of using Long-Up and Long-Down to cycle between doors. Now tested on Android as well as iOS and in regular use on my garage.

Hi, Just tried to add this beta app to my Pebble watch but says its not available for Pebble Round.
Do you plan to have the app work with this model??
Cheers Monty

Hi, Monty

I can run one up for you, but the graphics will be all over the place until I redo them.

Send me a private message with your email address and I’ll send you what’s there at the moment.



Try again now - I’ve just updated it on the Pebble store as per the link -

Hi, folks, any feedback on this?

If it works, then I’ll stop calling it a beta, otherwise please let me know.

won’t find any doors after sign in

OK, thanks. I presume that you’ve entered your Particle user name and password in the configuration screen and it’s coming back with a “no doors” message, is this correct?

Are you sure that you have the account details correct?

yes same pw to the particle cloud

Do you know how to use Cloudpebble?

I might need to get you to capture some log files for me.

no never heard of it

OK, never mind.

Is your door working with the iOS or Android phone app?

Is it just the one door?

yes it is working on my android app and just one door

I’m not sure what to suggest here other than to get you to use Cloudpebble to acquire a log file for me and post the results. If you’re happy to do this, grab the source code from

Go to, set up your Pebble account to use it and import the zip file as a project. You’ll need to turn Developer Mode on on your phone, then in Cloudpebble, click Compile and View App Logs, then you can run the watch app and see all the debugging messages. If you copy these, change the URL’s (because they’ll have a security token in them) and send the log back to me, it may shed some light on what’s happening.

Sorry, I know that’s a lot of hassle, but the only other option is setting a temporary password on your garage and letting me play with your door.

Hi Peter,

I have a Pebble Time Round connected to my iPhone 6S.

I downloaded your beta app tonight as I received and installed my Garadget yesterday.

Installed the app, entered my username and password and bang, found my door, works a treat. Thanks a lot its great to be able to use my watch to open and close.

Just one little, little thing I noticed.

When i open the door,and it has finished opening, the screen still says “closed” until I press the “?” button and then changes to “open”.

When I close the door, and it finishes closing, the screen changes to “closed” without having to push “?” button.

I like the way it works when closing and thought that it may have a small bug that stops it behaving like that when opening.

its only a small thing, love the app and would be happy to pay for the final version.

thanks again

P.S. is there meant to be any colour on the screen? mine is all black.

HI, Monty

I’ve seen mine do this as well, but only occasionally and not enough to be able to reproduce the problem, work out what’s going on and fix it.

Does yours do this consistently?

If you have the Garadget phone app, does it work properly?

Mine does it every time when opening but never when closing.

iOS phone app is working fine.

Hope this helps

I presume it goes from “Closed” to “Opening” to “Closed” again, is this correct? Or does it never say “Opening”?

Yes, the screen is intended to be black and white. I’m trying to support the widest range of watch hardware possible, and also to get the best screen contrast. I may add color later, but I’m more interested in getting it working properly.

Too bad Pebble is gone, it’s part of Fitbit now.