Test setup failing - inconsistent info from Android/Iphone/Web app

Hi team,
I received my item, very happy with delivery and packaging etc.

Plugged in my unit, connected via temp wifi, connected to home wifi.
Currently sitting as a test setup against a white plaster wall. Without the reflectors.

I would expect this to report as “open”, as there is no reflection (unless the white wall is giving the signal?)
Did I miss a step during initialisation?

Even if there is a false signal sent, I am getting inconsistencies between the Android app, Iphone App and the web app.

How long is the update time between one and the other with the possibly required “refresh”

Hoping to have this great product tested and installed soon!
Great work on your product and service so far!

Hi Milan,
The white wall close enough with threshold setting low enough can indeed trip the sensor.
What are the reading that you’re getting? Is app reporting door closed?
What is the reflection rate reported in settings and what is the configured threshold?

Thanks for the response.
All default settings on the unit.
Reflection showing as 98/98% on all apps.

First load of doors screen:
Android - Full strength signal. CLOSED 50min.
Web - Full strength signal. CLOSED 50min.
Apple - Full strength signal. CLOSED 50min.

Open button: Android …clicks through 1-100% then shows open 0s
Refresh apple shows closed 33s
Refresh web shows closed 33s

Open on web app: only shows 1-10/15/20% then seems to reconnect shows closed 2s.
Open on Iphone app: only shows 1-10/15/20% then seems to reconnect shows closed 2s…

Oh, ok, so this sound like there is some client update latency, not the sensor problem.
You can use the mobile app as the reference as it refreshes the view from the cloud every second. See the network tab in the document inspector to verify that the client requests are not timing out:

Sorry just to understand… am I meant to be looking for network tab on document inspector somewhere?
on android or web app?

You can do that from full size PC/Mac. I used Chrome, but other browsers also offer the developer tools.

Right I got ya, the wording “mobile app” had me thrown rather that “web app” :slight_smile:

So mine seems to sit at 500-600 ms.
Is this an issue?

I have pretty decent internet for my area FTTH 10mb/s (near Mandurah, Western Australia)
Pretty solid connection

If the requests don’t time out then we’re golden.
You can expand the responses and actually see the status reported by the cloud. Do they match the factual statue of the door at the time?

Given that the unit is facing a white wall… the app shows as closed.
Is this incorrect to start off with?

We’ll have to see where is the reflection rage in relation to the configured threshold. If the reflection rate is above threshold then there’s enough reflection to trip the sensor. I wouldn’t be worrying about it. If you have too much reflective surfaces in the path of the laser then the threshold can be adjusted up or they can be covered with non reflective tape.

So your suggestion is to hook up with the garage controller and work from there?

Still in test mode with it pointing against the cardboard box for delivery.
Reflection rate is now 32…
So I would expect that to mark as the door open?
As opposed to 98 tripping the sensor to think door for closer.

When I clean load the Android application it still defaults to door closed.

If the reflection rate is above the threshold setting then the door is reported as closed. Otherwise it’s reported as open.
With rate of 32 and default threshold of 15 the door should report as closed.

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