Unable to Join the Network

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Downloaded and installed the app on iOS device (iPhone). Followed the instructions. When I try to connect to the “Photon-…” it gave me a “Unable to Join the Network” message. I tried repeating the steps and I tried all the troubleshooting steps, no luck. I also tried with another iPhone with the same result. I updated to the new iOS yesterday and I’m wondering if that is related? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!


Wouldn’t think it’s iOS version related.
I’d still try with some other device just in case. There’s also a USB based setup option but it’s a bit tech’y.
Please PM me for exchange arrangement if none of that works out.


I have tried on 2 separate iOS devices an iphone 6 and 6S. Same result with both. I should also add that on both devices the Photon SSID appears and disappears intermittently. I tried placing the phones very close to the Garadget as well as a few feet away, no difference. I will try an iPhone 7 shortly and let you know if anything changes.


Sounds like a plan. As I said: if no luck, we’ll just do the exchange.



So just got a new iPhone 7, same exact issue is occurring. I guess I will try the more technical USB based approach. If that does not work this garadget is getting a one way ticket back to garadget land. Will let you know how it goes.