USB Power block went out now offline

I have been having on and off issues with the Garadget. I finally tried rebooting it today and it intermittently blinked and went off completely. I replaced the USB power block and it came back up but was blinking blue quickly.

I removed the door in the app and tried to add it back. It gets through the process to the point where the Garadget is checking the server for confirmation. It was a previously working unit so something must be wrong? I tried to add it back to my system at least half a dozen times and with different phones and an ipad. No luck it dies every time in the switch over and checking the server. Can you please suggest fixes?

BTW here is the cheap “Fire hazard” type USB brick that went out. The bottom prongs where it plugged in was brown from heat.

I took a video and it blinks cyan quickly with a short red blink.

Jim, the power interruption caused the corruption of the encryption key in your Garadget.
You can try repairing it at home following the procedure described here:

If you unable to complete the process, please PM me and I’ll arrange the srevice.

Well I get to the login part and I add my email and password (the APP password and not the forum one) and it rejects it. I tried it a number of times and no go.

Third time seems to have let me login! Was using a password I didn’t think was setup for the app.
Once accepted the remainder went reasonably smooth. Its back to slow breathing cyan.

Now when I try to add my door back to the account the process fails for the verification phase when trying to verify with your server. Perhaps it has the old key data? Anyway It slow cyan blinking so I think it’s OK on this side but not sure about your side.

If you have LED slow pulsing cyan then your Garadget is connected. You can manually claim it into your account by ID at: Claim Device

That worked. I just added the device ID and it’s back and running. Thanks.

BTW - Are you going to or are you using a better USB Power source? That original one is not very high quality at all.

At this time there is no plan to replace the power adapter. Over the years the failure rate was very low.
In your photo I don’t observe any heat damage around prongs other than soldering artifacts.

Garadget uses about 5% of the that power adapter’s capacity.

I had power supply and velcro failure in a plus 110ºF garage. Early on I hard mounted the the control unit and I replaced the usb power supply 'cause it failed. I have a lot of spare and you can buy in drug stores for $3. Always have the most recent software too!