Very Low Reflection

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I have two units. One the reflection reads at 98. The other the reflection reads at 14. I’ve seen as low as 7. When I look at the light generated from both units the 98 reflection units is significantly brighter than the 14. This has caused numorous false alerts. Should the reflection be higher than 14? This reading is at night in complete darkness. Thanks for your help!


Was the laser dim from the very beginning or is it something that developed over time?


That I do not know as I really never took notice. The reoccurring false alerts at night is what drove me to discover what the issue is. The unit was purchased on 11/9/16 so it is not that old.


I’ll replace the laser in your unit, please send it back for repair. If you’re are comfortable with simple soldering, I can send the replacement laser to you instead.


Thanks. I’ll send it back to you over the weekend. I haven’t had any false alerts in the past 24 hours, but my threshold is at 5 and the reflection is 23.


Just logged on to check the exact same issue.

I’ve had no problems since release until a few days ago, during the day I’m noticing reflection around the 80-90 for both and at night the reflection for one drops to the low 20s and below sometimes, giving me false alerts.

I thought it might have been the tape so put some new stuff on but still no result.

I’ll have to have a look at the lasers to see if one looks less bright.

Thanks Josh