Warranty, Repairs, Exchanges and Returns

Your Garadget comes with 30 days satisfaction guarantee and one year limited warranty.
If you experience any difficulties with your unit, please don’t worry, we’ll get it sorted out. First try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you carefully followed the setup instructions. It’s all quite intuitive, but the instructions cover few “gachas” that can save some hair.
  2. Check if the symptoms are listed in the troubleshooting guide. False notifications, offline units - it’s all there with the quick solutions.
  3. Search the community board for the related discussion, contribute to existing thread or start a new one

To send your Garadget back for exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase please use our return request form for the retail channel of your purchase:

For warranty repairs within 1 year of purchase or if you are unable to look up your order, please submit a message providing your order information and a brief description of the issue.

The shipping address for returns is:

Garadget, Inc
P.O. Box 2451
Grand Junction, CO 81502-2451
  • In your shipment please include the reference to the previous conversation or description of the problem, order info and your shipping address
  • If sending your unit for the warranty repair, you can leave all the wiring and the mount in place. Just detach the Garadget’s main enclosure by removing M4 screw holding it to the mount.
  • Your domestic shipment qualifies for USPS First Class mail. At half the price of Priority mail, it’s reliable, tractable and only about a day slower