"Waiting for Wifi Connection with Garadget-Stops there

"Waiting for Wifi Connection with Garadget-Stops there

iPhone 5c, WebApp running on Puffy. Logged in fine>Add Door>switch network to Photon>connected fine>back to web app juust stays there…waiting… Blue light always flashing.

Right next to router, tried two different PC’s. Any ideas? Thanks

To test if Garadget is communicating with the modible device you can try following:

The page should display JSON structure containing the device ID
If this doesn’t happen then there’s some problem with the connection. If you see the device ID then the problem is elsewhere.

It shows an ID…and still just sits at that screen. Am I supposed to do something?

So the devices can communicate over WiFi
Do you have any luck setting up with the native app? Maybe using different device or browser?

It works using the app only running iOS 10 (my work phone). It did same thing though using Safari Web App on iOS10. Problem is my personal iPhone runs iOS 8.4 and I could not get the app to run on it since it only supports iOS9

I went back to Puffy browser on my personal phone running 8.4 and now it see’s the new garage door! I put my hand over laser and it is showing it closing the door, then opening door when I move my hand. So I guess that means my old phone works with it! I needed the app to jump start it? Whatever. if it works, it works.