Wish list - suggest your ideas

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This can easily be done with IFTTT. I sometimes forget to check my garage door before going to bed so I have mine set to close the door nightly at 9:30pm. There’s no reason you can’t have it open it at anytime you designate. Through IFTTT, I have it integrated into my Amazon Echo.


I would like to be able to have a pin number, confirmation box, or some other mechanism where you can stay logged into the app but have a protected way to not accidentally click the door to open it or close it. This is particular important for people that have garadget and also have their garage doors linked to their security system. If the door is accidentally opened it could trigger the alarm. The ADT pulse application has a login but also has a 4 digit password that you need to enter before it allows the alarm to be manipulated. It would be nice if the garadget app did something similar like prompt for a pin or confirmation when the user tried to open (and possible close) the door.


If you are using Android, the Play Store is full of apps for this. Here’s one of them: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.symantec.applock


No, I am not asking for a pin or confirmation to open the application but rather a pin or confirmation once you’ve pressed the door button to confirm that you want to open/close the door. It is too easy now to accidentally open the door and you have to, apparently, stay logged into the app to get the notifications.


Agreed, would be great to have an alert when garage door is open for x minutes.


The alert when garage door is open for x minutes is already supported. In client apps it’s called “timeout alert”.


Awesome, thanks for the quick response.


I would really like a method to give access temporarily to guests or workers. An link that you could email giving access for a certain period would be great such that the recipient just needs to click on it to open the door. For regular users such as maid service or contractors it would be good specify a day of week and time window link would be active for.


Agree. may be an additional pop up menu to confirm.


I’d like to see an option to ignore the detection of door position.

For any reason, the laser beam doesn’t hit the reflector or the environment is too bright. Mobile App will be disabled, lost the control to the door. This happen to me several time. I have an video cam in the garage. I can see the garage door position, but can’t control it. If the Mobile App has an option to ignore the laser beam detection, that will help me to regain to control of the door.

Someone also mentioned this feature in this forum. He wants to control a gate.


I would like to see the app be able to see when someone is walking into the garage when the door is opened and take a video of them for say 30 seconds or so. Another thing to add would be a time stamp on the video. This could be uploaded to the cloud and you could use a lifo stack to save maybe 20 or 30 videos (even better is to let the user do this). This could easily be done with the use of the switch for the door block as a trigger for the camera. This would let you know when your loved ones arrived home and when someone is in your garage that should not be.


As your product grows, you should consider doing away with this massive feature request thread and create a community topic called Feature requests. The software allows you to solicit votes so that you can see what is wanted and where to prioritize your development efforts.

Here is an example from our super active Home-Assistant community board.

I want to be able to vote for Touch-ID in the IOS app. :slight_smile:



Two things I would like to see:

  1. Longer usb cable from the power usb power block to the garadget device. The usb cable wasn’t long enough to go between the underside of my garage door unit and the outlet in the ceiling. I decided to get a 2200mAh backup supply (it came with a usb to micro usb cable) so I could have backup power for a few opens and closes in case the power was out; this is an added bonus. The setup goes: Garadget power cube > usb > usb micro > backup supply > to usb out > micro usb > garadget. The backup supply was only $3.50

  2. A way to set the notifications so I am notified when someone else opens my garage. Currently, if I turn on notifications on my app (android) I get notified every time it opens, closes, etc. I like that I can set these parameters however I don’t need to be notified when I am the one opening and closing my garage.


I love the backup battery solution you came up with; that’s cool. I, too, suggested the separate notifications for multiple users, under the same scenario (I don’t need to know when I’ve used it, only others). :slight_smile:


Thanks! I figure if the power gets knocked out this winter I would like the garadget to at least be able to get my door open so my vehicle doesn’t get buried in snow. I have already did similar to my actual garage door unit. Though if there was no power to the house there would still need to be a way to “open” and “close” the garage door. The garadget is the perfect solution.

Hopefully they will figure out a way to add multiple user notifications. It’s silly that I am in my car; pulling out of my garage and I get notified because of it. The developers are doing a good job.


Just thought of something: if the power is out then your network/internet connection is also likely out. The connection to your Garadget would be compromised at that point, even if you had a backup battery on the device itself.

Unless I’m missing something, you wouldn’t be able to ‘talk’ to your device with the app. :frowning:


Would love to be able to integrate with Control4 home automation app.


-Android widget would be awesome
-Allow different devices to connect to the same garadget without having to share login credentials
-Better user guide (it doesn’t have to be printed, just better)
-Logging into the app should log you into the community without having to make a new account and opening it up in a browser and everything
-Voice control via “ok google”


Thermostat. Current products availale are 100% overpriced.


Just had another idea! The ability to assign a different (i.e. not your default) notification sound to garadget alerts would be good. I have a non-intrusive sound for default notifications but I would want something more attention grabbing if my garage is left open. The main issue I foresee with this right now would be if two different devices are logged in under the same account and each person wants a different sound or the sound file is not on both devices (you could include garadget sound files with the app download though and that would solve that issue).

It would be even nicer to have the ability to assign different sounds to different alerts. Some people might want just a small “ding” when the garage opens and closes but a blaring siren if the garage has been left open. Others might want a different configuration.