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  • Client - Apple iWatch App
  • Client - AndroidWear App
  • Client - Windows phone App
  • Home Automation - Wink
  • Home Automation - Vera
  • Voice Control - Siri (Apple Homekit, MFi)
  • Voice Control - Alexa (Amazon Echo)
  • Account Feature - Limited access accounts
  • Account Feature - Event logs
  • Firmware - Cloud-less option (LAN only mode)
  • Extension - Siren + Strobe (UL325 compliance)
  • Extension - Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Extension - Motion sensor
  • Extension - Additional relays (lights control etc)
  • Other (comment)

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Completed or work in progress:

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I’d love the Pebble Watch App, Temporary accounts, LAN-only mode, a relay that could be controlled to be connected when the garage door was open or closed for a light.

In addition, I’m going to contact my smart-device router manufacturer Securifi to see if I can do integration for the Garadget with my Almond+. Perhaps there are other Almond/Almond+ users that would also enjoy this?


Personally I’d love to see a little more info in the reading of the distance from the laser.

Something along the lines of ‘door is closed or open’ instead of ‘door is closed or not closed’

Looking at my setup, which is pretty standard, the curved door arm is always in the same longitudinal position from the motor/operator point of view. This arm could easily hold a reflector for the laser.

Just get a small angled bracket to keep the reflector pointed toward the laser as the door moves, and now we’d be able to get an analog distance reading instead of a digital present/not present reading to represent the position of the door.

To level set, are these your higher priorities/values:

  • From smartphones: open/close garage door
  • From smartphones: Remotely check garage door open/close status
  • Integrate with…
  • Provide an open interface

As just one more data element for you to consider, this too is important to me:

  • Let me know if my garage door is left open (and optionally automatically close is after x delay or time)
  • This hardware/software solution be something my wife finds acceptable for her use

I would encourage you to consider adding the automatic close after x delay or x schedule to the core mobile app settings (with a simple enable/disable when expecting workers/guests). Please don’t require me to set up IFTTT account/settings, explain to my wife how to go somewhere else to enable/disable etc. I consider this a core feature and not something that should require integrators or home automation solutions to add this value.

Basically, if you want wide consumer adoption I believe you have to make this simple to define/manage from the mobile interface.

As an aside:
My reason for limited access accounts is for family and service providers to have basic open/close functionality without access to settings etc.

Anxious to test you Android app!

The Pebble watch app is at https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/5717624b39001518cf000012.

I’d love some people to test it for me. :slight_smile:

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I would love to see the android app be android auto enabled. To be able to bring up my garage doors on my cars dashboard would be amazing.

@alexzogh, Is there a particular technology that enables that? Do you have an example of app that does it?

I would like a widget for my android smartphone.


to work with along with nest

I would love it if it could be integrated with Wink Home System.

Also would like radius open/close. If I’m within a certain region that the garage door will open or close. I know I can set that up with Particle, but for whatever reason, that doesn’t work for me. Can’t login. So adding that to the IOS ap would be fantastic.

Would like to see the home automation software https://home-assistant.io/ be integrated into garadget.


Just wondering if instead of IFTTT integration due to cost, maybe Tasker Plug in’s for android?

Thanks for the suggestion, Ryan. Will look into that.

Beta testers are needed to try out our new AndroidWear app. Please message me for the download link.

I will give it a try out denis

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Geofence opening and closing, when you leave the designated area it closes, when you enter the area. And the ability to turn off automatic close or open, if you don’t want it to close automatically when you leave, for instance.


I would like to eventually see a timer feature for opening / closing. For example, being able to set the app to open /close a garage door at a specified time. I sometimes would prefer to have the garage door open when I get to my house and where I live there is no cell service (yes, these places do still exist!).


It would be nice to have actions tied into notifications (android) if you get a notification of door open at night just expand it and hit a close button.

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I’d love to see Apple Homekit integration so we can use Siri to open when arriving home!

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