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I have read a lot of good ideas with home network integration being a new “IN” thing. But my suggestion is quite simple and I don’t think anyone mentioned it but I installed mine with the 3M adhesives and I would like to permanently fix the unit on someplace more stable and with keeping that in mind I would like the mount to have some ability to microadjust the laser position. After mounting the unit there is only the pivot screw and you really can’t make targeting adjusts with that, I just think it would make the whole installation so much easier.


How about a IFTTT action to just simply toggle the door open/close rather than dedicated Open & Close actions?


@zenkipac, thank you for your suggestion.
What would be the use case for such feature?


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  1. Full Google assistant integration without ifttt. Hey Google, is my garage door open?

  2. User accounts so individual notifications can be set.

  3. Off topic, could you make a heating oil tank level sensor? So I can see the level of my heating oil, get a warning when it drops low, see usage per day or per week.


Vote for the next Garadget feature and submit your ideas
Currently on the list (pick up to 3):

  • Client - Apple iWatch App
  • Client - AndroidWear App
  • Home Automation - Wink
  • Voice Control - Siri (Apple Homekit, MFi)
  • Account Feature - Limited access accounts
  • Account Feature - Event logs
  • Extension - Siren + Strobe (UL325 compliance)
  • Extension - Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Extension - Motion sensor
  • Extension - Additional relays (lights control etc)
  • Other (comment)

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Completed or work in progress:


  • Client - Windows phone App


I’d go for that direct Google Assistant integration, instead of going through IFTTT.


It takes a long time to add new features! Take an example of how Netatmo invites users with timebased contraints by email or withdraw the complete authorisation. Simple but very effective without pressing buttons or other weird stuff! Their solution works fine even when you are not at home. The way of adding users now is ridiculous. My chidren can change the complete setup leaving me with an open door and no control, huh??? And I can’t grant any rights to the maid otherwise she is granted entrance forever but that leaves the problem that i need a system besides just to open and close the door! Why do i need garadget?

It would also be nice to stop the door in the middle. I have a click-open-click-stop-click-close opener. It is not that hard to implement something like that. Also for security reasons! Now i still need to be near a button in case…

Resetting passwords do not work properly.

Nowadays it is easy just to release some functionality instead of a complete new app! So when can we see some changes?


Thanks for your suggestions. Regarding the individual features you described:

  • The limited access accounts is one of the features on the voting list
  • Stopping should work in existing apps and web app. Just tap the door icon while the door is in motion
  • Please use this form for password reset


Thanks Denis for your fast reply!

  • I saw it on the voting list but since 2016 it is a hot item and till now I’m still stuck with a solution which makes me catagorize Garadget as a gadget and not as a replacement, suited for a household with more then one person (and even then it is not practical). Hope your final solution will be as elegant as the example of Netatmo.com. Different kind of users (admins, users, visitors), invited by an admin by e-mail, sometimes with a timeframe, and possible being revoked by an admin. All by app. And each admin with it’s own alerts and logging.

  • Stopping works on Android if i set the opening time to a short ‘Door motion time’ of i.e.5 seconds (the smallest while the real time is 20 sec), which mean I have to wait 5 seconds before the app will respond. In the meanwhile the animation of the door opens/closes completely. I have no clue and have to wait a while if the door is closed (or not. Refreshing of the app is not that fast when reality is different). I consider this as a workaround and not very accurate.

  • Thanks for the form but i was referring to the app which correctly state that the password is incorrect (when typing a wrong password) but when i ask to send me the password, the app states that the user is unknown.

Regards, Gejes


Looking forward to an updated Android app, any idea when we can expect it? Thanks!


Definitely would love to see the log files because I could have used them today already when my daughter argued she was home, but the garage door never opened so I could show her the logs :stuck_out_tongue:

Limited access accounts would be great too. I just want my daughters to be able to open/close the door, not actually change any settings, etc.


Door motion time for closing and opening.
My door takes longer to open(22 sec) then to close(19 sec).


+1 for user accounts with individual notification settings.


They have google home control already


Apple Watch App!!! Would love to be able to go for a run just with Watch and be able to close and then open door on return (Series 3 with 4G)


Enclose MAC address of Garadget in the box - would have saved me some time during setup due to the security settings of my home internet :grin::grin:


We’ve got an option for Apple Watch. Please check out this post for info about SimpleCommands connection for Garadget.


Please help we have no sounds.
Jerry & Susan


I would love to have Garadget work with Alexa routines. I love that I can say “Alexa, tell Garadget to open” and my garage door opens. That is handy enough. The icing on the cake would be if I could tie this to a routine in Alexa. Currently, when I’m preparing to leave for work I say, “Alexa, I’m leaving.” I then fill a cup of water and Alexa reads me the traffic report for my commute, the weather, she turns off a few wifi switches and Hue lights. I would love to have the garage door open as part of that routine. Thanks to the creator and developers for being open to suggestions. Such a great product. Three days in and I’m loving it.