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Would adding Garadget to Stringify be a possibility? I’ve found it to be more flexible than IFTTT in setting up home automation.


Nevermind, Stringify (through Smartthings) seems to work after I had my unit replaced.


“OK Google, is my garage door open?”

Garadget gives status of door to Google Assistant via IFTTT ??

“Your garage door was opened 15 minutes ago.” etc.??

That would be awesome. Thanks.


I would like to see an IFTTT trigger for “time out alert”.

That is, I want IFTTT to be triggered when the door as been open for xx minutes when the “time out alert” setting has been met. I get the alert now on my phone, but I am looking to use IFTTT to turn on a smartswitch using IFTTT.

I could then use the existing IFTTT trigger for the garadget door close to turn off the smartswitch.


A few changes needed for the iOS app. Enable fingerprint security to open /login to app. Add a conformation for operating the door. Having three doors set up on the app i need to switch between doors and occasionally open a door when not intending to.
Also include larger square reflector tape with each unit. With vibration and general movement of things a larger target is desired.
Great product! The basic features of your product are EXACTLY what I have been looking for.


Yeah, fingerprint authentication for android would be welcome.


I would like to see the night alert have the option to adjust to local sunset/sunrise time. Having the door open at 8pm during the middle of winter may be unexpected, but its still daylight in the middle of summer at 8pm.


An easy and important feature would be to disable it between X and Y hours. If I’m asleep I don’t want to worry about my garage opening up.


Any plans for WINK Hub integration? I have a WINK hub and trying to stay with compatible devices.


Wink is a closed platform which doesn’t offer an open API for the devices integration. We reached out to Wink multiple times but never heard back from them.


Suggestions I have after using this for 9 months:


  • Would still really like to have custom sounds for Garadget notifications so I can distinguish them from more run-of-the-mill notifications (I wish Android would just let you do this for any app).
  • Repeating notifications, please. I want to be notified at 5 minutes in case I drive away with the door still open, but then I want to keep being reminded at some interval if it is still open (or maybe reset the timer for the same # of minutes when you hit “snooze”). We always dismiss the 5 min notification if we are out there working, but then there isn’t a reminder later if we’ve come inside and forgot to close it. The night alerts help with this if it’s still open when you go to bed, but that’s not helpful for the middle of the day. And night alerts are useless for this if you get home late one night, spend more than 5 mins unloading the car, and forget to close the door. I am increasing the time limit for now to cut down on ignored notifications, but would love to have the option.
  • I’d like to see night alerts generate repeating notifications also, so if I am asleep when the door opens, maybe a repeating (or even continuous alarm sound) will wake me up to close the door or alert me to an intruder (and in case the intruder politely closes the door, a continuous alarm would still be a nice option even when the door doesn’t remain open). The ability to override “do not disturb” mode would probably be necessary, also (EDIT: nevermind, I just discovered you can change the do not disturb setting for any app in Android).

Medium Priority

  • Would love to be able to add multiple “night” alert ranges, so I could be alerted to a potential intruder not only at night but also during work hours when no one should be home to open the garage (ability to select which days of the week would also be useful). A “vacation mode” toggle would be nice here, too, temporarily overriding other options with a 24 hour “night alert” without having to change your settings. (Vacation mode would be an awesome home automation “scene” in general, so you could use IFTTT or Alexa to set up your lights and timers and garage and everything all at once when you plan to be away).
  • IFTTT/Ok Google status-reporting similar to Alexa (is it open, closed, how long, timeout notification, etc). This might help provide options for previous notification suggestions?
  • Would still like the ability for multiple users, guest users, etc.
  • Please rename “timeout notification” to something more intuitive like “Time open notification”. Timeout is intuitively more about the hardware itself not working, like it’s offline, or trying to send a command but timing out.

Lower Priority

  • Garages are too hard to name/rename with the name being refreshed constantly. This should be fairly static, shouldn’t it? The name has been unexpectedly cleared a few times when the units reset on their own for some reason, so I have had to rename the garages a few times now.
  • I would like the ability to set which garage is the main icon and which is the small one in the corner of the screen. Right now it is whichever was added most recently and whenever the two units disconnect and reconnect, they may switch places. This causes me to accidentally open the wrong door or be annoyed when the garage I use daily is the small icon. And since we have 2 users using 2 different doors, one of us is always the annoyed one. My husband never uses garadget because his is always the small one in the corner. The IFTTT widget button integration helps TREMENDOUSLY with this, though, so I’ve changed it to lower priority (but it is an important consideration for those that want to use the app standalone).
  • Ability to sync settings with other doors, so if you update one garage, you can click a button to use those same settings on the other one without having to change everything twice. Super low priority on this, though, because I also highly value being able to have different settings on each door (and for each user when that becomes an option), and changing things twice isn’t a big deal. Just a nice to have :slight_smile:
  • Some help pop-ups within the app so you can just click a “?” next to each setting and learn more about what it does and why/how you might want to change it or leave it alone. For instance - “sensor reads”? What does 3 mean? Why would I want it to be 4 vs 1? What are the consequences of changing it?

Alexa and IFTTT integration have been awesome additions to the app, by the way!!! Thank you!!


I have read a lot of good ideas with home network integration being a new “IN” thing. But my suggestion is quite simple and I don’t think anyone mentioned it but I installed mine with the 3M adhesives and I would like to permanently fix the unit on someplace more stable and with keeping that in mind I would like the mount to have some ability to microadjust the laser position. After mounting the unit there is only the pivot screw and you really can’t make targeting adjusts with that, I just think it would make the whole installation so much easier.


How about a IFTTT action to just simply toggle the door open/close rather than dedicated Open & Close actions?


@zenkipac, thank you for your suggestion.
What would be the use case for such feature?


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  1. Full Google assistant integration without ifttt. Hey Google, is my garage door open?

  2. User accounts so individual notifications can be set.

  3. Off topic, could you make a heating oil tank level sensor? So I can see the level of my heating oil, get a warning when it drops low, see usage per day or per week.


Vote for the next Garadget feature and submit your ideas
Currently on the list (pick up to 3):

  • Client - Apple iWatch App
  • Client - AndroidWear App
  • Home Automation - Wink
  • Voice Control - Siri (Apple Homekit, MFi)
  • Account Feature - Limited access accounts
  • Account Feature - Event logs
  • Extension - Siren + Strobe (UL325 compliance)
  • Extension - Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Extension - Motion sensor
  • Extension - Additional relays (lights control etc)
  • Other (comment)

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Completed or work in progress:


  • Client - Windows phone App


I’d go for that direct Google Assistant integration, instead of going through IFTTT.


It takes a long time to add new features! Take an example of how Netatmo invites users with timebased contraints by email or withdraw the complete authorisation. Simple but very effective without pressing buttons or other weird stuff! Their solution works fine even when you are not at home. The way of adding users now is ridiculous. My chidren can change the complete setup leaving me with an open door and no control, huh??? And I can’t grant any rights to the maid otherwise she is granted entrance forever but that leaves the problem that i need a system besides just to open and close the door! Why do i need garadget?

It would also be nice to stop the door in the middle. I have a click-open-click-stop-click-close opener. It is not that hard to implement something like that. Also for security reasons! Now i still need to be near a button in case…

Resetting passwords do not work properly.

Nowadays it is easy just to release some functionality instead of a complete new app! So when can we see some changes?


Thanks for your suggestions. Regarding the individual features you described:

  • The limited access accounts is one of the features on the voting list
  • Stopping should work in existing apps and web app. Just tap the door icon while the door is in motion
  • Please use this form for password reset