Wish list - suggest your ideas

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Definitely would like an Android widget that displayed the door status.


Win 10 app support with synchronized account access (so I don’t have to register a separate account to access the device status and settings) and multi-user access. Either that or a functional Web interface


Even better if this Win10 app could also serve as the Cloud-less implementation so I can manage the device locally and not have to rely on Internet/Cloud connectivity.


Yeah, a lot of these requests could be accomplished with IFTTT.


I’d like another alert setting to enable another notification after x minutes if the garage is left open. Or even periodic notifications if left open continually.


Glad to see LAN only as the most requested option. Cloud is all fine and good for storing pictures of cats but I’m not sure I want to push door opening there yet. In some cases it would be useful so I would prefer an option in the app. Naturally once you have disabled cloud access you need to be on your LAN to re-enable it.


Cloud is a must-have for the remote access. Without it, the setup instructions will have to include the course in dynamic DNS configuration and port forwarding.

For the earliest LAN only option I consider MQTT support. This will allow Garadget to communicate directly to most of the home automation hubs. I’d like to hear community’s thoughts on this.


Either MQTT support or even just HTTP calls would be an excellent start as well.


HTTP is losing to MQTT as an early cloud-less option because it

  • is a much heavier implementation
  • needs protocol on top of it which all involved devices will have to support (like REST with specific endpoints and parameters)
  • not optimal for communicating asynchronous events from both client and device
  • comes with serious security implications

However, MQTT requires a broker. It can be a home automation hub, Raspberry PI or NAS. Without a broker the mobile phone apps and other clients on LAN will not be able to talk to Garadget. This will be an issue to address next.



I understand cloud is must-have for remote access but remote access is not a must-have for me. Security is. It should be possible to disable cloud access and have the doors be LAN controllable only. As for the protocol, please use something that does not require yet another device. My Yi dome camera works great on my LAN without any additional devices. Cloud access for that device is optional.

Thank you!


Another vote for a confirmation in the app to open or close to prevent accidental actions.

Also alexa please.


the ability to have more than one user. each user should be able to set their own alert preferences.


Hi, would this work for you?


I’m not quite ready to add the garage door opener to my home automation set up yet, but it’s near the top of the list. I’ve made a very concerted effort to keep as many of my device integrations local as possible. Right now I’m torn between the Garadget (cooler piece of hardware) or the Linear (local control via Zwave). If you can add an MQTT solution that would make the decision very easy.


Linear is a fine piece of hardware, and if you’re heavily invested in the z-wave modules, I understand why it would be a reasonable choice.

Unlike z-wave module, Garadget can be used as both home automation module and as stand-alone appliance. It is especially great choice as the first home automation product that can later play nicely with the home automation hubs if needed.

A developer is working on MQTT protocol implementation for Garadget. This feature is high on the list and it will become available eventually one way or the other. For now you can find assurance in the fact that Garadget is an open source product riding on a reliable cloud platform and that you own the hardware - you can re-program it, replace firmware etc.


Would love to see this incorporated into apple’s CarPlay. Having the control on my car’s touch screen would be fantastic.


Hi gomanual - I have zwave and looked into the Liner hardware to operate the door. After reading the posts in alarm forums with so many issues operationally I looked for another solution and found garadget. Couldn’t be happier! trying alexa this weekend.


Not sure if this is covered above but I’d like to be able to put in more than one email address for alerts.


I would like to have the option to open partially based on either time, or reed switch location. With partial opening I could consider using this as a pet door.


Fingerprint security login option to the app