openHAB Integration

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Please welcome openHAB integration for Garadget:

openHAB is an open source software for integrating different ‎home automation systems and technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules and uniform user interfaces. openHAB runs on any standard Windows, MacOS X or Linux machine with Java 1.7 including ‪#‎RaspberryPi‬

Wish list - suggest your ideas
Wish list - suggest your ideas

I saw the info you provided, however the sitemap with the layout of the controls you have listed here wasn’t included. Any chance you could provide that??


Second Ping : Can someone post the sitemap that was used for the layout of the controls shown in the screen capture?


There isn’t actually a sitemap to go with the screenshot; the client is just rendering the UI group item based on the example items file.

If you come up with a nicer rendering based on a sitemap, please add it to the wiki page!


I’m confused. Then how exactly did the UI render them? I’m not aware of any way to render in the app directly from an items file…

What were you using to get the screen shot?


Sorry; I could have been clearer. If your sitemap has

Group item=UI

then you will be able to navigate into the group and the items will be rendered per the screenshot.


The new link for the Garadget binding for openHAB is:


Thanks, updated the links.