Garage is offline

Garadget was working fine till couple of days ago. Now Garadget shows offline, there is no laser and there is a fast pulsing blue light. What can I do to get Garadget working again?

Did you try a reset with “R” button? Is it a light blue as cyan? No red blink between the blue?

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I am having the same issue. I have unplugged the unit and pressed R. Blue light only still rapidly blinking.

I tried reset, but did not work. It is blue light blinking rapidly.

Please try getting the unit in the listening mode and then re-configuring the WiFi connection by clicking on “add door” from within your account.

I’m having the same issues here. I’ll try resetting it.

Restarted it, and it worked for a while. Now, it’s reporting offline status. Is there a platform wife outage?

I reset it, but my android app shows it as offline.

We can isolate the cause of the issue by temporarily removing the unit and placing it closer to the router. If the issue doesn’t reoccur then we can focus on improving the signal quality (different location, external antenna, WiFi range extender etc).

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I’ve started having the offline issue too. It has been working for a month and now going offline. Any idea?

I’m also having an issue with my unit being offline. I opened my app this morning and I was signed out. I signed back in and the app says I’ve been offline for 6 days. I followed the instructions and reset the unit(held down m for 10 seconds) and reconnected to WiFi. The app said the setup was successful. However, the app still shows offline and the red light isn’t blinking on the garage door. I’m using the Android app.

What is LED indication on your unit?

It’s blinking light blue

Blinking fast, is there an occasional red blink between the light blue (cyan) blinks?

Fast blinking, the color is mostly cyan. Every minute or so it will change to red, then green, and then back to cyan.

I am having the same problems as bon. Been doing this for several days

Please PM me your device IDs, I’ll check things on the server side.

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How can I find the device Id?