Genie 1024 wiring

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Where do I connect the wires? I apologize if I seem upset I just spent hours trying to connect it in freezing weather. instructions are very minimal.has to be in here correct? do I keep the white cables in ore replace them with the ones provided by garadget?


I’m looking at the installation manual page 24 and it looks like the wall console is connected to terminals 1 & 2 (two on the right). Please double up Garadget wires with the ones that are already there.


Do you know where I place the cords? I tried every slot. Thanks!


If terminals #1 and #2 don’t work then it’s possible that your opener doesn’t support a simple button console. In that case you may need to you use a spare remote or dry contact adapter. Please see this post for discussion of same issue for another Genie model. Here’s another post for model 1000.


are the slots in the picture where I am supposed to put them??


Yes, terminals highlighted in your picture should work, assuming the opener supports the console with a simple button. If this doesn’t, please see the linked posts for the work-around options. I’ll be happy to help figuring out the wiring if you decide to use a spare remote for this.


it should support a simple button but I’ve connected it and it didn’t work. so maybe we’ll move on to the spare remote thing.


You can test the support for the simple button by electrically shorting the wires you connected to the wall console terminals on the opener. That what a simple button essentially does.


So I actually got it working without the remote, i did it just like the instructions however it only sometimes works. For instance opening works 2 out of 10 times and same with closing. Am I supposed to remove the exsisiting wires and use excusively my Garadget wires?


Keep the existing wall button wiring, there is no reason to get rid of it.
Are you able to control the opener with the wall button every time?


Yes sir, I think I kind of got it now. Opened 3 out of 3 times