IFTTT failure with garadget item


Hi there, Denis. Is anyone experiencing issues with the IFTTT item for garadget? Mine started failing yesterday afternoon. I get the notification but the door doesn’t open. Door works fine otherwise; just not proximity based with the IFTTT applet.

I know I had an issue before (token maybe?), But I’m not sure if this is the same issue.


Probably not a token issue, without authentication nothing would work.
Anybody else experiencing same issue?


Still failing on IFTTT so I deleted the applet thinking I could reinstall it and then it might work. Have more detail (in screen shot) about what is failing. I wonder if I need to go directly to their folks now…


I ran the IFTTT/Garadget API tests and all passed.
This looks to be the account specific. I’d try re-authorizing the account after all.


Hopefully you have something else up your sleeve, Denis. I logged onto my laptop, rather then continuing to use my iPhone for IFTTT and received the below error message. It’s saying that their service can’t connect to Garadget’s service. I was attempting to create a NEW applet for garadget - as I had deleted the original one - so I hadn’t even provided my token or API particle info…
39 AM


If you’re presented with the option to choose the door, then your Garadget account is already authorized with IFTTT. Please try to de-authorize it first and then re-connect them again.


Unfortunately that’s what I was shown as soon as I chose to install the applet. It immediately said the garadget service was down. I was not asked to choose a door or login to my garadget account. :frowning:


Right, but before you get to applets, please visit the service page and click on “Edit Connection” to re-authorize it.


Denis, you’ve done it again! That appears to have done the trick. Applet has been successfully re-installed. Everything looks good so I’m hopeful it will work when I leave and return again.

Thank you, as always, for your prompt and courteous service. :smiley:


I had this issue a few weeks ago. First noticed it when Google assistant wouldn’t open the door. When I went into ifttt, it was unable to choose a door, so I just removed the garadget link and added it again, very unusual.


It was similar to my issues, for sure. Wouldn’t ‘see’ the door. But, when I deleted/re-added the applet it still wasn’t working. I had to logout of my IFTTT account and back in. Happened twice this year now - similar issues - so I hope it’s done.


“Logging” my most recent IFTTT experience. I noticed a few days ago that my proximity applet had stopped working. Sadly, it’s the same issue that I’ve experience 3-4 times this year now - IFTTT location based stops working and I then realize all garadget applets are no longer working.

I ended up deleting all garadget applets and then re-authorized my account (showed up as Test Account like others have mentioned) and then I turned the applets back on. It is much easier to activate them after being authorized (no need for tokens, etc.), but it’s still aggravating that this happens periodically.

There’s your current update. I’ll keep getting quicker on these fixes, assuming they continue to happen every months…


Thanks for the report. The authorization token must be expiring. There’s a way to generate the Particle token that doesn’t expire and this feature was added to the login form (see this post), I’ll check about incorporating the same into IFTTT’s authorization code.


Hello again Denis. Right on cue, the IFTTT applets stopped working after about 90 days again. Happened in August, November and just a couple days ago. At least it’s consistent - every three months.

I’m getting a 404 error (when looking at the previously installed applets) or a Loading error (when trying to add a new one). I’m even on the same wifi network my Garadget.

Any suggestions? :frowning:


@abarbee314, thanks for your report.
Looks like this has to do with Particle’s default authorization tokens expiration of 90 days.
I’ll look into the code to make tokens generated for IFTTT non-expiring.

Meanwhile please try re-authorizing the service by clicking on “Edit Connection” in IFTTT’s account.


Edit connection was what I needed. Got all of my applets running again. Thank you sir, as always.