Particle changes the token again

Particle has, yet again, changed my token. Is this going to be a regular thing? How often can I expect things to just stop working? Anybody know?

According to particle doc:

For security purposes, most access tokens will expire after 90 days. Certain access tokens can be specifically set to never expire, like the one you can find in the settings pane of

You can list, create and revoke tokens in your account using the command line interface.

Also according to Cloud API doc it is possible to generate non-expiring token. I can put together a separate web form for generating such tokens, please let me know if this is needed.

Hi, Denis. I would appreciate it if you would. I suppose I could set a calendar reminder to check it every 90 days or so, but that’s no guarantee.

Let me know what you come up with and thanks for the quick response.

Ok, please clear the browser’s cache to make sure you use the updated code and login to your account using the normal login page with added parameter:

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Alrighteeeeeeee. DONE!

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