Installation with Chamberlain

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Anyone having problems getting signaling to a chamberlain door system? Everything else looks good but seems like it does not send any signals to the first two ports (the first two inputs are the up/down - from left to right on the chamberlain.

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There are few methods to verify that the Garadget is actually handling the command from the mobile device:

  • low tech: put your ear next to the unit and hear a gentle “tick” from the relay
  • use the continuity tester on the Garadget’s terminals

If relay functions then the problem is in wiring. Keep in mind that the incorrect wiring attempt may fry the relay in Garadget and whatever else what on the other end of it.


I’ve got the same chamberlain opener (same wiring). I was not able to get the door to open with the unit. I talked to Dennis and he had a test to make sure the wiring to the opener is working correctly. If you remove the cable from the garadget unit and short the two wires together with the screw driver for a quick second, that will simulate the relay inside the unit. I tried this on my opener and it wouldn’t open. I’m going to have to do some more research on this opener tomorrow and see what we need to do to make it work. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

Compatibility with Chamberlain PD432D

From what I researched the two on the left are the correct terminals for Chamberlain. If your wall button works fine then I suspect there is no good contact for Garadget wires at the opener’s terminal.

You can pull out the wall button wires from the opener’s terminal by pressing the tab below, then match the length of the copper on the garadget wire with the old wire, the put them back together side-by-side, maybe twisted for good measure.

There’s often additional circuitry in the wall button for extra functions (like locking the radio out and controlling the light), but good old short of the wires is normally reserved for the door motion. The duration of the short is configurable in Garadget’s settings.


Ok thanks for the info will give it a try


Based on more research yellow “learn” button means security+ 2.0 opener. They replaced toggle button with the proprietary serial protocol. You can see the related discussion in this thread.


Guys, I have the chamberlain lift master. I can get the garadget to work fine (cyan led) and the wall button inside the garage works but the oem remote button and my cars programmed button only works inside the garage, not on the outside of the house. Do I need to reprogram it? I didn’t think so. No idea why.


If remotes weren’t programmed correctly then they wouldn’t work inside of the garage either.
Check if you accidentally messed up the antenna on the opener. Often it’s just a black single wire sticking down.

Also, it would be a rare coincidence for both remotes, but try them with fresh batteries.