Unable to re-setup device


Hello, I am trying to re-setup my device which was already configured. I tried “R”, the holding “M” for 3 seconds and 10 sec, but have been unsuccessful to re-add my door. The latest issue is, when trying to connect to the wifi network photon, I get an error saying unable to connect to network. I understand there is the usb setup route but I would prefer not to go that route if I don’t have to. Please help.

I am unable to get my device id as its not connected to my device.



To get the device ID, please put your Garadget into listening mode, connect to the PHOTON-XXXX network and request following URL:

If you are at the most recent firmware (v1.20) then you can re-setup the WiFi connection using Garadget’s embedded web interface. For that again connect to the PHOTON-XXXX network and request following URL:

If you are experiencing connectivity issues while setting up the device, please make sure it’s not mounted on the opener at that time. You can take it down by temporarily removing M4 screw holding main enclosure to the mount.

Please let me know if you need further assistance with this issue.


Hi All,

I too am having the same issue as OP, was working fine for quite some time until 10 days ago.
I have tried the same steps as OP to no avail and also connecting to photon network and requesting web interface also with no luck. It’s currently sitting inside near the router.

Any other ideas


You can try to re-flash the device with new firmware using the USB connection.
The process is somewhat techy so if you don’t want to deal with it, you can send your Garadget in for the warranty service.


Thanks, for the reply. I have managed toy push it along a little further.

I tried pinging the device whilst attempting to connect it to the web interface, this got me into the web interface.

For some reason my WIFI password was wrong, so i changed it and saved settings, which took a couple of attempts to save.
I now have the laser activated, cyan flashing led with occasional red flash.

App still says it’s offline

What would you suggest from here?, Still the Re-flash? or is there something easier…


Thanks for the update. From the symptoms it sounds like the encryption key may need to be refreshed.
The process is still a bit tech’y. Please take a look and if this isn’t something you want to deal with then we’ll handle this issue under warranty.


Ok, with your help i’m getting so close. I had a look at the process and gave it a shot.
Without going to far off topic for this thread I am getting stuck on the last command

particle keys send [device id] photon.pub.pem

It returns Error sending public key to server: Permission Denied

I am making the assumption all commands are whilst in DFU mode, I used my Dev id in the brackets.

I am hesitant to send back yet as living in Australia would be a 4 week + turnaround.

Any tips?


Congrats on great process with the solution. Yes, the permission message can be fixed:

If you have Particle CLI installed then temporarily remove the device from your account by running:

particle device remove [device id]

then after fixing the keys, you can add it back with:

particle device add [device id]

If you don’t have CLI or don’t want to deal with it, please PM me the device ID.


Great news Dennis…It’s breathing cyan and back online.:grinning:

Thanks for your help, Instructions were well written.

Just for others you will need to reboot after fixing keys from the process mentioned above before adding the device.